Not your daddy’s Domme. 

I don’t play in dungeons, use handcuffs, or employ humilation tactics. I prefer the tools of intution, earned trust, and deep presence. 

If what you want are the tips and tricks to BDSM or power play, this is not the right place for you. 
If what you want is to learn how to harness the energy within you and finally embody it, welcome. 

Dominant, submissive, interested in both or neither, this practice is about connecting to your own inner balance. The rest becomes irrelevant. Power dynamics are used here as a framework, a baseboard to paint energy visible. It is a deeply powerful tool for a spiritual practice, but it is only a tool. It is not the end goal nor the destination.

To intentionally engage in power play is to be whole within yourself, and move from that wholeness in relation to an other, and to the world.

This work is for everyone outside of the dungeons, like me, or for those that prefer to play in them.
It is healing work, sacred and dangerous and playful all at once.

I have nothing to offer but presence, here to receive you however you choose to show up.

Through a series of weekly one on one sessions, we’ll figure out the process your body needs to release the outside pressure and uncover who’s been trapped underneath it, together. I’m here to meet you.

More importantly, I’m here to help you meet you.

Contact me if you feel this medicine may be right for you.

Note: Consistency required.
There is no one size fits all. There is no quick fix. There is no destination, other than coming home to yourself.  

+ Open to all ages, bodies and expressions
+ Side effects may include no longer needing external validation and learning to stare bullshit straight in the eyes

I’ve lived deep in the Brazilian jungle, using my hands to make moon gardens out of sand. I’ve lived deep in the concrete jungle, using those same hands to build an agency in New York City, closing my first client with a hundred thousand dollar deal. I’ve authored sex and love advice columns and written extensively on bodies, identity, and representation. A certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner, I prefer my own (very) uncertified dancing in underwear. The Spiritual Domme is the evolution of my personal and professional practice, bringing all the presence of my journey to you. 

It is my deepest honor to serve you in the process of uncovering what you need to hold yourself. 


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